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Church History

Church History

Every Wednesday, from 09/13/2017 to 05/16/2018, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Have you ever wondered?

  • Where the early Christians really hunted down and martyred, with repeated persecutions for an illegal religion forcing them to hide in the catacombs of Rome?
  • Did the ancient Jews of Jesus' time always believe in a single, all-powerful God?
  • How did breaking away from their Jewish roots make Christians more vulnerable in the Roman world?
  • What were the origins of what we now consider the distinctively Christian liturgical practices of baptism and the Eucharist?

As you will see during this course, the answers are quite surprising.

This course uses Professor Ehrman's video series The Historical Jesus and The New Testament. These study lectures take you back to Christianity's first three centuries to explain its transition from the religion of Jesus to a religion about Jesus. It introduces you to lost Christianities and their sacred writings. And it shows how many of those writings were originally proscribed or destroyed, only to be rediscovered in modern times.

Snacks will be served. A small free-will offering of $10 per month/per person will be collected to purchase snacks, food, and beverages


Church History 24 Sessions. Come for one or all sessions. Weeks with no session are in BOLD.

September 13: Session 1 The Birth of Christianity

September 20: Session 2 The world of Early Christianity

September 27: Session 3 The Historical Jesus

October 4: Session 4 Oral and Written Traditions about Jesus

October 11: Session 5 The Apostle Paul

October 18: Session 6 The Beginning of Jewish Christian Relations

October 25: Session 7 Anti-Jewish use of the Old Testament

November 1: Off

November 8: Session 8 The rise of Christian Anti Judaism

November 15: Session 9 Early Christian Mission

November 22 - Off Thanksgiving Break

November 29 - Session 9 Early Christian Mission -

December 6 - Session 10 The Christianization of The Roman Empire

December 13 - Session 11 Early Persecutions by the state

December 20 - Session 12 The causes of Christian Perscution

December 27 - Christmas Break

January 3 - New Year and Christmas Break

January 10 - Session 13 Christmas Luncheon Reaction to Persecution

January 17 - Session 14 Early Christian Apologists

January 24 - Session 15 Diversity of the Christian Community

January 31 - Off

February 7 - Session 16 Christians in the Second Century

February 14 - Ash Wednesday Off

February 21 - Lenten University 1 Off

February 28 - Lenten University 2 Off

March 7 - Lenten University 3 Off

March 14 - Lenten University 4 Off

March 21 - Lenten University 5 Off

March 25 - Palm Sunday and Holy Week Starts

March 28 - Wed Holy Week Off

April 1 - EASTER

April 4 - Session 17 The role of Pseudepigragha

April 11 - Session 18 The Victory of the Proto Orthodox

April 18 - Session 19 The New Testament Canon

April 25 - Session 20 The Development of Church offices

May 2 - Session 21 and 22 The Beginning or Normative Theology and the rise of Liturgy

May 9 - Session 23 The Trinity

May 16 - Session 24 and Graduation luncheon The Conquest of the Empire