St. Bart's Outreach in Haiti


St. Bart's Outreach in Haiti

August 2017 Haiti Mission Trip
Read about the daily experiences and adventures on our mission team.
Day 1 - Arrival and Welcome
Day 2 - Arrival in Lauranette
Day 3 - The One With the Water
Day 4 - Sunday
Day 5 - Malia Has a Revelation
Day 6 - Saying Goodbye to Lauranette

Photos on Flickr of the August 2017 trip

February 2017 Haiti Mission Trip
In February 2017, St. Bart's parishioner's traveled to Loranette, Haiti. Read about one parishioner's experience in Building a School and Relationships.

Read daily experiences during the Haiti mission trip on our blog.
Day 1 - Arrival/Evening
Day 2 - Grande Welcome
Day 3 - Building Relationships
Day 4 - Before Worship
Day 4 - Sofia's Experience
Day 5 - Sunday

Photos on Flickr of February 2017 trip.

Building Bridges - Transforming Lives

Epiphanie School in Loranette, HaitiIn 2016, St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church began to support a school in Haiti by providing funding for teachers, supplies and food for the children. The current school is a make-shift tent where most children sit on the ground or the tiny benches and struggle to read the writings on the wooden boards.

St. Bart's plans to build a K-5 school for approximately 400 students who will walk up to 90 minutes each way to school. The school will be the first building in the community and will initially serve as a school, church and hurricane shelter for the community.



  • St. Bart's has committed to building a school in Haiti.
  • Please join us in supporting 400 Haitian students.
  • Our initial funding goal is $65,000.
  • Ongoing annual support is $14,000 per year.

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