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A Closer Look at the Aumbry

Posted by Ruth Lewis on with 1 Comments

The Tabernacle or, as it is usually called when put on the wall, the Aumbry was dedicated on December 5, 1982. Designed by Horace Judson, St. Bart’s Aumbry was given as a Thank Offering by Horace and his wife, Blanche. Most of you know that the Judson Studios designed our beautiful windows. The Tabernacle door is a mosaic, made in Italy, of two peacocks, the symbol of resurrection and eternal life. Notice also the Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet symbolizing God as the beginning and end of all things. The Chi-Rho in the center is the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek. Immediately underneath is a baptismal shell symbol of our life in Christ. On top of the Aumbry is a crown and inside the crown has been set a sanctuary light, a symbol of Christ’s presence in the outward form for bread and wine.

Next time you have a few moments to yourself before or after worship, take a closer look at the Aumbry and all it represents.

~Ruth Lewis

*Special thanks to Ruth for sharing this information about the Aumbry. She discovered, among her treasures, the original leaflet from the December 5, 1982 service where the Aumbry was dedicated and shared it with St. Bart’s.


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