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Haiti Trip August Day 4: Sunday

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The animals proclaim the day with a noisy ruckus chorus. Sun's coming up. There is music playing and the construction workers are hammering putting up scaffolding on the school building as we awaken and get ready to join the community and praise God. 

A few Haitians are preparing the sanctuary; sweeping the floor and removing debris left by the thunderstorm last night.  

What a beautiful day! 

We eat before church. Chicken and oxtail soup with hardough rolls in on the menu. I'm listening to Whitney Houston and the Georgia Mass Choir sing "I Love The Lord" to prepare myself for worship.  

The service was steeped in the call and answer musical tradition found in cultures from the African diaspora. With just a drum for accompaniment the singing was full and rich. It filled the air with a sweet sound that beckoned the larger community to join worship.

After service we walked with the congregation to visit the sick and shut in. 

Lunch was waiting when returned to the school: chicken, rice-n-peas, French fries, and salad with the Dominican vegetable chayote. 

More downpouring showers; grounds completely soaked again. But that did not stop plans for the afternoon party with the community. Plenty of good music ... Soca, reggie, and dancehall blaring. 

Malia and Caroline holding court with the little kids. Sam and John playing Frisbee with the rest.

More good food and group prayer, Compline. Perfect end to a perfect day.

~Kevin Berthoud