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Haiti Trip August: Day 5: Malia has a Revelation

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After a productive Compline last night and Malia discovering suddenly that she had no idea what a mosquito looked like, we all settled down for a long night filled with shouting matches between dogs, cows, and donkeys. It didn't help that the roosters have no sense of time. We awoke to eat a breakfast of scrambled eggs with fish mixed in, bread, pineapple, and an array of vegetables. We all had to prepare for a day of gathering water from the river nearby and mixing concrete. We started shoveling and passing buckets down a line so the Haitian workers could pour the concrete into a mold. We worked so fast we were done before lunch. 

Lunch consisted of chicken, rice, plantains, assorted vegetables, and the ever-present sauce. After lunch the group split to do various things. JD played soccer with the kids (don't worry Christine, he didn't hurt himself). Then John and I played soccer with some of the older kids before we got rained out by yet another surprise thunderstorm. While it rained we played card games such as "casino" and speed. Once the rain died down Caroline, John, Malia, and I played jump rope with the kids, then I split off to play goalie in a soccer game. Dinner consisted of some sort of oatmeal and rolls. We capped of the night with card games and nightly Compline.

~Sam Kohls


Amabiel August 9, 2017 9:07pm

You'll miss me a lot. I am happy to have you as new friends. Card games will always remind me of you.(Malia, Caroline, Sam, JD, KErvin,John )

Have a good trip
Gob bless u