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Haiti Trip August Day 6: Saying Goodbye to Lauranette

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Bright and early Tuesday morning we awoke to the lovely sound of dogs whining and roosters crowing. Yet our breakfast of boiled eggs, avocado, sausage, bread, and bananas quickly remedied the unruly wake up. Since it was our last day in Lauranette, Malia and I packed our belongings, organized our items to donate to the school, and lastly swept our room. Later we retrieved the jump ropes and started jumping rope with a couple of the kids in the school yard. John soon proved to be a pro at jumping rope. During lunch the group discovered that the Kohls twins (Malia and Sam) did not know what the vegetable 'okra' looked like. John eloquently described okra as "a stop sign and a pepper having a baby." After lunch we put some markers and paper on the table for the kids to create some masterpieces. And masterpieces were created! After a couple hours of playing with the kids the cars finally arrived in Lauranette to take us to Hinche. The group said countless 'Orevwas' (goodbye) and 'Mèsi anpils' (thank you very much) and piled into the cars. The roads were pretty muddy from yesterday's rain, but never fear, Father Noe is secretly a professional dirt road racer. Due to his excellent driving skills we arrived in Hinche just in time to get settled in before the rain storm descended. We finished our day with a lovely dinner, evening prayer, and a stimulating conversation.

Caroline Muñoz


Amabiel August 9, 2017 9:03pm

You'll miss me a lot. I am happy to have you as new friends. Card games will always remind me of you.