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We Need Each Other

Posted by The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas on

It has been almost two weeks since my surgery. All went well and I plan to return, in a limited fashion back, to St. Bartholomew's Poway this week. However, I have had some significant learnings - things I “knew” but didn’t fully appreciate before now. A sample:

  1. First and foremost we need each other. I know, duh, but I am thankful beyond words for Skip (among many others) who got me my meals, meds, and helped me with seemingly small things like propping me up so I could brush my teeth.
  2. I really understand why folks in convalescent facilities, and others, so look forward to their meals as meals break up what can otherwise be a long day. Once again, I am lucky on this score and understand many facilities have limited budgets, but poorly prepared food can be so disheartening. Food for the soul is more than an adage. 
  3. Ramps are necessary but long or overly steep ones can defeat the purpose.
  4. I have, and use, the boot on my left foot (that’s an attractive piece of equipment! But I digress) and I am wondering what in the world did people use to secure it before Velcro? Very thankful to the inventor of Velcro. 
  5. Two arms aren’t always enough. 
  6. Finally, I miss my peeps at St. Bartholomew’s a lot. Which brings me back to my first point.

Okay, end of my soapbox. For now. 

The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas is Associate Rector at St. Bartholomew’s Poway and enjoys walking alongside people in their spiritual journeys even though she is currently unable to walk as she recovers from foot surgery.