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What? No Rector's Cross?

We had a wonderful Annual Meeting. I’m so in awe of all of you who bring such life to the church. A large part of our shared life is our shared traditions. In my address, I spoke of the joy that comes from reviving St. Bart’s traditions. But during the meeting, I skipped one. Did you notice?

My address shared my feelings that hinted at why I haven’t embraced this particular tradition. I said, “As a mom, I have always loved the sport of rowing because there are no superstars on the team. Sure, some rowers are better athletes on the ground, but when the rowers are in the boat, the boat is only as good as how the team works together. The strongest syncs up with the weakest, and if they are really having a good day, something magical happens.” There are no VIP trophies in rowing. Everyone wins together, or they don’t.

At St. Bart’s, we are all in the same boat. Just like in a rowing shell, I feel it’s impossible for me to pick out one person who has contributed more than others. So instead of awarding a Rector’s Cross every year, I propose we further extend our culture of appreciation to each other at St. Bart’s. You may have noticed that our staff has been practicing a culture of appreciation since last summer. We write notes every week!

As children of God, we are all winners. As stewards of St. Bart’s, we are all servants. I thank you for participating in the life of our church. May we continue to tell each other how much we are loved, valued and appreciated. Surely, that will make “our boat”



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