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A Case for Love

On Tuesday, my husband and I viewed “A Case for Love” at the Poway AMC. It was a one day showing of a documentary produced by The Episcopal Church featuring our Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael Curry. But it’s not all about him. The movie has a series of vignettes that follow the stories of very diverse people who faced trauma and responded to this change in their lives with love. For instance, the opening vignette told two stories side-by-side: a woman finding her way out of prostitution and addiction, and a family caring for their young adult son with Lou Gehrig’s disease. We hear their pain, but also witness their smiles as they tell their stories of how the God of love has acted in their lives. The vignettes and interviews are learning moments for us all. Here’s what some Bartians took away from the experience:

Parishioner Joan Natoli also saw the documentary at the Poway AMC. She pointed out that as Christians we are always being told to evangelize but we don’t have a clue how to do it. This movie showed that we evangelize through our actions as much as our words. It’s about how we live in the world. Joan says, “God puts people in your way, and you can help them or you can turn away. If your heart tells you to stop for someone, then just relax and don’t make a big deal about it in your mind. If it occurs to you to do it, and it’s safe, then go ahead. God is bringing us opportunities all the time. The more you can relax, the more you can recognize them.” Then Joan adds a very simple but profound statement, “Small acts of love give you courage to take on larger acts of love.” Responding to God’s prompt for small acts prepares us for larger acts that God will ask from us. That’ll preach, Joan!

Staff member Lauren Sleeper saw the documentary in Escondido. She appreciated that they

shed light on different types of families. Lauren says, “The documentary was an extension of my experience at EYE (Episcopal Youth Event) along with a revisit of the things we all need to do better in this world. We need to love everyone better, regardless of who they are, where they come from, and who they love.” That’ll preach, Lauren!

I experienced “A Case for Love” like drinking from a fire hose. When it becomes available in

other formats, I see myself rewatching by stopping/restarting it and repeating segments to fully let the messaging sink in. What I saw in common with all the people was the sense that their life decisions weren’t always logical, but leading with their illogical love-laden hearts brought them to a place of great joy. One particular line has stuck with me. In the movie, someone says “Life will end, so why not leave a little love to carry on for you?” That’ll preach too. A new presiding bishop will be elected later this year. This production is a wonderful legacy of Michael Curry’s tenure. Please take a look when it comes back out!


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