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A Liturgy for those who Mourn

Preparations for Easter are well underway. Eggs are being stuffed, palms are being shaped, and casserole pans are being picked up. Our liturgies are being examined, musicians are practicing, and bulletins are printing. St. Bart's will soon be celebrating the Risen Christ! But what if you don't feel like celebrating?

Holy Week is an emotional rollercoaster. We start shouting our Hosannas but then, quickly, our liturgies turn to the suffering of Christ. Some of us may feel triggered by the trauma of Good Friday. More of us may relate to the mourning of Holy Saturday when "it was so quiet, you could hear the earth breathing" (Godly Play). Not all of us are ready to celebrate on Easter Day. For some of us, every day may feel like Holy Saturday.

Starting this year, St. Bart's will have a Holy Saturday service at 10am in the Sanctuary chancel. We will say the Liturgy of the Day from the Book of Common Prayer, hear Pastor Brian's sermon, and light candles for those we mourn.

Wherever you are in life, our faith and our liturgies have a place for you.

Mother Nina+


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