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A New Piano for St. Bart’s!

Two weeks ago, St. Bart’s was so fortunate to acquire a brand-new sanctuary piano. It was unveiled at the Pentecost Sunday service, when we had our Bishop Susan bless it! We purchased a Kawai GX-5, a magnificent 6'7" grand piano that has a spectacular tone, resonance, and beautiful glossy finish.

The previous 5'4" Kawai piano had been gifted to the church in 1988 by the Women of St. Bart’s and was ready to be “retired” after a long 35+ year career. The old piano is now residing in the chapel, where it will continue to bless our campus with beautiful music, and the Chickering piano that was previously in the chapel has been relocated to the choir room. The Steinway M that was in the choir room was sold to help offset the cost of the new Kawai.

It is indeed very exciting, as we will have this magnificent instrument for the next 35+ years. We are already planning a piano concerto concert in October to help inaugurate it to our community! More to come on that front in the near future.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the initial six families from the music ministry who donated the funds for the piano purchase, as well as those families who have since donated. We will be mounting a plaque on the piano which thanks the “loving members of the music ministry” for their generosity and commitment to the future of our music program.




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