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Have a Beautiful, Terrible Lent!

Kate Bowler describes herself as a Duke Divinity School professor, podcaster, and author with a single mission: giving you permission to feel human. At age 35, she was diagnosed with a stage IV cancer that was labeled incurable. A few years later, she was declared cancer-free. Through her years of illness, she was forever changed by what she discovered: life is so beautiful and life is so hard - for everyone

Facilitated by Mother Nina, Pastor Brian and Cathie Roy, Kate’s bountiful wisdom will lead us through “A Beautiful,Terrible Lent” at our Wednesday night Soup Suppers (6pm in the Sanctuary).

The series begins on the first week with the theme of “Entering the Wilderness.” We will read Mark 1:9-15 and at our tables, we will share our reflections on deep questions. Every week, I will provide them for you here to pre-read and consider before Wednesday. Here we go with week 1…

1.    Do you feel more connected to God when you strip things down or take on a new habit? Why or why not?

2.    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? “Gratitude is not a solution to suffering, but it sure does make the rest of existence more meaningful.” Do you find gratitude easy or hard to find during seasons of wilderness?

3.    When we enter the wilderness, we have no control of what or who we might find there. How comfortable are you with uncertainty?

While the wilderness can feel lonely and barren, during Lent we will walk into it together and share what we notice. We may see hidden parts of ourselves through the voices of others. Together, we may find new paths forward. Come and see what a beautiful and terrible Lent holds in store for you.


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