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Have a Beautiful, Terrible Lent! Week II: "The Limitless Love of God"

For whoever was able to attend, I hope you enjoyed our first Lenten soup supper of 2024 and found the wilderness reflections meaningful. We now journey into our second week of Lent with the theme "The Limitless Love of God." We read the story of the Transfiguration in Mark 9:2-9. Peter really wanted to stay on that mountaintop, but Jesus beckoned them all back down into everyday life. We all long to find such a mountaintop, to stake our tent and live in happiness for the rest of our lives. But these mountaintops remain elusive. Instead, we forge ahead in everyday life knowing that in all of life's uncertainties, Jesus goes first and remains by our side through all of it.

Here are your questions for Wednesday evening, February 28:

  1. Share about a time you experienced your belovedness.

  2. Whose love makes you feel brave?

  3. Who are the people who have given you a mountaintop experience? What have your learned from them?

See you Wednesday!

Mother Nina


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