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Lenten Games

Dear Friends,

I know that “Lenten games” sounds oxymoronic, but Lent isn’t all about giving up fun. Especially when the games represent your Lenten discipline for 2024! So, if you like to give up something for Lent, please consider adding in these challenges:

#1 The Matching Game

Our sextons and Creation Care team are diligently working to help us be better recyclers. We know it’s hard. What really does go where? To make it easier for us, they created recycling boards so we can match what is in our hands to the receptacle they go into. Brilliant, eh? If we can correctly sort our discards, then the church can send them off to be properly managed. If we don’t, then one of two things happen. We get fined for not properly sorting items, or if we don’t want to risk that, we just put everything in the landfill dumpster. So, it’s one of those things where we are either “all in” or it doesn’t work at all. Let’s play the “Matching Game” at St. Bart’s coffee hour!

#2 Lent Madness

People either love or hate Lent Madness. I’m in the former category! Copying the basketball

March Madness, it’s a bracketed contest of Saints of the Church. Not only do we learn about

some obscure (and not so obscure) Saints, but there is a competitive element. You can play at home with the materials at the button below, or play along with St. Bart’s every week in the eNews. We will have a big poster of results in the church office. More to come next week! Until then, here is a description of Lent Madness from Forward Movement:

The format is straightforward: 32 saints are placed into a tournament-like single elimination

bracket. Each pairing remains open for a set period of time and people vote for their favorite

saint. 16 saints make it to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen; eight advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; four make it to the Faithful Four; two to the Championship; and the winner is

awarded the coveted Golden Halo. The first round consists of basic biographical information

about each of the 32 saints. Things get a bit more interesting in the subsequent rounds as we offer quotes and quirks, explore legends, and even move into the area of saintly kitsch.

Lent is a season of preparation for new life, which always includes caring for the environment

and enjoying each other. Join the St. Bart’s Lenten Games!


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