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New Fire

One of my favorite photos is on my church office bookshelf. It’s the Easter Vigil 2022 with the bishop of the Diocese of Virginia. (Come into my office and I can show you the angel in the background, too.) At this Saturday’s Vigil, you will participate in this same tradition. After you are seated, we will lower the lights and New Fire will begin inside the Sanctuary. Joan Chittister writes:

This is the very center of the church. This, not the birth of a baby, is the reason we celebrate Christmas. This is the reason for all the feasts of the church. This is the place from which we all draw our fire.

Everything we do as a church starts from this fire, our light, the Light of Christ.

What does the Light bring to you this Easter? 

How will the New Fire illumine your path?

New Fire burns brightly at the center of St. Bart’s. We have many new beginnings afoot. To name just two, I am delighted to announce that we are close to calling a new Associate Rector and, as of today, we have a brand new website! These are big announcements, and the path to them has required a tremendous amount of quiet, behind-the-scenes work. Yet the work has been joy-filled because the Light of Christ has guided and supported us all along the way. Join me in giving thanks for all the good news that God brings to our church.

Mother Nina+


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