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Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

My husband and I are in escrow on a house in Rancho Bernardo. You know what they say: real estate is all about “location, location, location.” God willing, this spring we will be located one minute from St. Bart’s!

I think of this because, while location also plays a role in a church’s success, there is another factor that is even more important for churches. Nothing is more valuable than “relationships, relationships, relationships.” Our relationships with God and with each other are what church is all about. We see this in the shape of the cross. A vertical piece representing God and you, and a horizontal piece representing others and you. Embrace both and you live a “cruciform life.” We are called by Christ to live this cross-shaped life. And guess what? It is no coincidence that living a cruciform life is the “glue” that keeps a church vibrantly together.

This is the reason I am so excited to announce the revival of the Fellowship Committee at St. Bart’s. This group of devoted parishioners is working to help all of us deepen friendships at our church. They have devised a form for all of us to submit, either electronically or on paper.

Next, they will sort us into small groups, based on interests and abilities, and ask us to get together once a month for five or six months. I look forward to dropping in on your groups!

You will see the Fellowship Committee at the Ministry Fair, in the eNews, and after worship on the patio. The more who participate, the better this will be. So, come, fill out a form. You know all are welcome without exception. Let’s have fun together and form bonds that are the glue of a healthy church brimming with love and life in all directions.


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