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The Count

Palm Sunday through Easter Day was a breathtaking week at St. Bart’s. We journeyed through it together, and we celebrated in a big way on Easter Day! The Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi was delighted to be here among you again. He told me repeatedly, “St. Bart’s is back.” If “being back” means this much joy, I’m thrilled! There are so many stories, but one way I’m remembering our week is by the numbers. Not just of people, but of everything we did. I’m so proud of us! Here’s the start of my list. Can you add more?

1 Risen Christ

2 Rectors 

3 Equines

4 Potted lilies

14 Stations 

19 Services

24 Casseroles

35 Lay ministers

37 New website pages

54 Musicians 

60 Chapel crafts

107 Online worshippers

300 Palm crosses 

1,000 Easter eggs

1,055 Worshippers in person (497 on Easter!)

Alleluia, Christ is risen! So has St. Bart’s. Alleluia!

Mother Nina+


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