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Veterans & Military

Honoring your service

St. Bart's is a Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation


Veteran Military Friendly Congregations (VMFC) is a program that promotes community, acceptance, and support for Veterans and their families. Faith is a proven and fundamental component to healing, recovery, and the mental health well being of veterans. As such, the mission of VMFC is to bring our servicemen and women closer to God and highlight the healing power of God.  By becoming a VMFC, congregations can provide crucial support and love to Veterans and their family members. Oftentimes, Veterans are reluctant to seek help through traditional avenues and resources, especially concerning mental health issues. However, Veterans are usually more comfortable approaching a clergy person. By being a VMFC, congregations can be prepared and equipped to help and counsel Veterans seeking help and resources.


If you are a veteran or are in the military, please get in touch with one of our priests

and help us get to know you better!

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